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Researcher Debunks Gay Dolphin Blowhole Sex Myth

For starters, dolphin sex takes place under trying circumstances.

Female Dolphins Have Weaponised Their Vaginas To Fend Off Males

One thing about both humans and bottlenose dolphins is that we both have sex for non-reproductive purposes. Of course i've never been in the russian infantry either. Blueberry cheesecake, these buds are so fluffy and smell amazing.

All About Bottlenose Dolphins

Its based on scientific observations of dolphins copulating year-round even though females are only fertile for a few months of the year. Nude photos of kirsten vangsness and other stars were leaked to the public.

Sex And Dolphins

Theres an oft-cited factoid that dolphins are, along with humans, one of the few animals that have sex for pleasure. Sexual reproduction has sex cells asexual reproduction does not.

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