Connecting Identity Management Initiatives

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Meet at the second workshop in Vienna 2014

Explore Identity Management Issues and Initiatives

Internet identity, identity federation and personal data online are complex, continually evolving areas. The event is inspired by similar events such as the Internet Identity Workshop in California, Identity North in Canada, and Identity Next in the Netherlands, with a focus on European perspectives and initiatives.
Participants will seek deeper understanding, and better solutions to challenges like:
  • Technology. Developing feasible and open standards.
  • Trust Frameworks. Establishing new paradigms and policy sets.
  • Usability. How can users navigate different identities and understand their data?
  • Economy. How can identity services fit into businesses requirements and opportunities for all stakeholders?
  • Interoperability. On which levels and areas is interoperability necessary or feasible? This is a cross-cutting concern for technical, legal and business views.
  • Deployment and operation. How can different options be supported and exploited in the best way, given the whole range of places and devices.
  • EU project challenges. The European Commission’s projects related to trust and identity like STORK and eID regulation are landmarks on the roadmap. How do other actors relate to and utilize those projects?

Besides discussing specific topics in the above areas, there will also be plenty of opportunities for networking among solution providers and seekers, startups, investors and technology pundits. EIW provides a place where skilled people from a wide range of functions and projects in the identity ecosystem gather and work intensively for two days.

The unconference format puts into the foreground what is important for the participants. How much attention topics receive is driven by active participation. Results will be collected and published at the and as proceedings. After the brief introduction on the first day there are no formal presentations, no keynotes, no panels.

What happens then? We will make the schedule when we are face to face the first day of the conference.

We use a method called Open Space Technology to support unconference where the topics most important to the participants that day are discussed. How much attention topics receive is driven by active participation. This supports a self-organized and self-responsible group unleashing the great creativity and passion of the participants. Results from sessions will be collected and published at the end as proceedings.

Communicate Across Initiatives

There are numerous IDM-related efforts and projects in both private and public sector. The workshop is a place for direct talks skipping hours of time-consuming powerpoint presentations. Take the opportunity to form the contents yourself!


Date: 3.-4. December 2014
Location: Vienna

booking before 31. Oct.booking 1 Nov. or later
Day 1 ()110€125€
Day 1+2 ()175€200€

Prices include 20% VAT. If you can produce a valid VATID the VAT will not be charged.

Organizers & Helpers

Rainer Hörbe - Identinetics(external link) Practitioner
Raimund Wilhelmer

Kaliya Hamlin - Identitywoman(external link), unconference.net

Contact: org.committee at identityworkshop.eu

Topics from the Survey among participants


Proposed Topics

The agenda will be created dynamically by participants at the beginning of each day. The context of the workshop suggests topics such as:


  • Connecting different types of stakeholders (startups, enterprise, investors, privacy experts)
  • Federation & cloud identity
  • Identity interoperability (cross-border, across sectors, different assurance levels, technologies)
  • Trust Frameworks - business, legal, governance
  • Identity initiatives - connect, learn, contribute, join
  • User-centric identity management


  • Attribute management
  • Business cases for federated IDM
  • Discovery service, Account Chooser
  • Delegated authZ, UMA
  • Identity proofing and verification
  • Mobile Strong authentication
  • Mozilla BrowserId
  • Privacy preserving IDM
  • Online reputation
  • Personal Data Store / Personal Cloud
  • SAML/OpenID/OAuth: Competing vs. hybrid scenarios
  • SCIM
  • WebSSO technologies: OpenID Connect, OAuth, JWT, JOSE
  • XDI