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Openspace workshops have been finding and solving trust and identity issues for years. Starting in 2013 EWTI made this format available in Europe and received excellent feedback from participants. If you are looking for a substantial discussion on this subject it is likely that you will meet the right people here!

Meet at the third workshop in Vienna 2015

EWTI is the opportunity to discuss, share knowledge, and learn about everyting related to Internet Trust and Idenity today. Topics at the EWTI in 2013 included:

  • Gov/Academic/Social ID
  • How to use SAML with REST and SOAP
  • eID in your country: where is it today, where is it heading?
  • SLO Single Logout for SAML & OAuth
  • STORK - existing federations user cases, interoperability
  • Binding LoA attributes to social ids (non-technical - strategy)
  • NSTIC: impressions, feedback, relation to other world-wide projects
  • Banks and Telcos as strong Identity Providers in Finland (Business model)
  • Trust and Market for Personal Data: Privacy - How to re-establish trust?
  • Trust Frameworks beyond Secotrs: Release of attributes, LOA
  • Authorization in SAML federations
  • Scaleable & comprehensive attributes design (authN & authZ)
  • E-Mail as global identifier: embrace/defend/fight it?
  • eID and Government stuff
  • Metadata exchange session: Federations at scale
  • SCIM 101
  • Rich-clients for mobile devices
  • Step up AuthN as a Service
  • Is SPML dead - who uses SCIM?
  • SAML2 test tool
  • All identities are self asserted
  • de-/provisioning / federated notification
  • Biobank Cloud Security

Time, Location, Price

Date: 2.-3. December 2015
see co-located events for related meetings in the same week

Location: Vienna, Austria

booking up to 1. Nov.booking 2. Nov. or later
Day 1110€125€
Day 1+2 175€200€

Prices include 20% VAT. If you can produce a valid VATID (except for AT) the VAT will not be charged.

Contact: org.committee at identityworkshop.eu