European Workshop on Trust & Identity

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Trust & Identity in the Internet:
Connecting Business - Government - Research & Education

At this conference we are going to work towards a better understanding and findings using an agile format with participant-driven contents, covering the attendees’ current interests. EWTI's format has been designed for solving trust and identity issues. Starting in 2013, EWTI made this format available in Europe and received excellent feedback from participants. If you are looking for a substantial discussion on this subject it is likely that you will meet the right people here!

Meet at the third Workshop in Vienna 2015

EWTI is the opportunity to discuss, share knowledge, and learn about everyting related to Internet Trust and Idenity today. Topics can be sorted into these categories:

  • Architectures
  • Attributes
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Business models and metrics,
  • Cross-sector federation
  • Data protection, Privacy by Design
  • Enabling applications (web/fat/mobile)
  • Federation in/for the cloud 
  • Government, academic, commercial, social ID
  • Identifiers (persons and organizations)
  • Payment and Identity
  • Personal Data Ecosystem
  • Policy and compliance
  • Provisioning
  • SAML ecosystem (protocol, metadata, tools, operation)
  • Trust classification (LoA, VoT, ...)



Focus topics

EWTI is calling for participation in 3 topics that have been raised in discussions with people interested in the conference. Sessions will be run in EWTI’s agile format centring the subtopics on the actual interests of the participants. Interest, questions or contributions can be posted in the pre-conference survey. Subtopics are:

Cross-enterprise PKI

Enterprise PKI in combination with strong authentication has become best practice in organizations that need to protect their electronic assets. On the other hand, the public browser PKI has been proven untrustworthy to communicate outside the enterprise. This focus topic addresses the gap between those two worlds, highlighting the status quo, architectures, standards and solutions that facilitate PKI-based, high-assurance collaboration between enterprises and their customers and partners.

Federation Protocols and Interoperability in B2B and B2C

Identity federation has been thriving in certain vertical domains and is increasingly arriving in various industry sectors to support ever more business processes. Organizations have to choose from different functions, architectures and protocols; available as cloud service, drop-in solution or toolkits. This topic is for you if SAML, OAUTH, OpenID Connect, WS-Fed, SCIM, SPML should match with authentication and provisioning processes in a multi-party context.

Privacy and Identity

While “better” identities like Facebook’s real names or government issued eIDs relieve certain security threats, they are against certain privacy principles and result in a shifted risk equation. What are the positions, options and best practices for actors in this ecosystem, joining different jurisdictions across the Internet?

Each subtopic is covered in a keynote.


Time, Location

Date: 2-3 December 2015
See co-located events for related meetings in the same week

Location: MGC Messe Vienna, Austria
Leopold-Böhm-Straße 8, 1030 Wien
see directions for hints on transport





Early bird fee deadline

1 September to 30 October 2015 (CET)

Normal registration fee

1 November to 20 November 2015

One Day 108 €* 120 €*
Two Days 174 €* 198 €*






*Prices include 20% VAT. 
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