European Workshop on Trust & Identity

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2014 session and notes


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EWTI 2014 sessions  Wednesday: Topics and notes

Time Session Loc. Topic
10:30 Session 1 A IdP of Last Resort (home for the homeless,
    B Auth Bridge between STORK and eduGAIN
    C Using gov eID for R&E Federation
11:30 Session 2 A Service Access Control using SAMl Attributes/Entity Categories etc.
    B Step-up (strong) authentication as a service (Federated, SAML, LoA 1-3, Gateway)
    C Federations within federations: enabling local policy spheres or adhoc
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Session 3 A Vectors of Trust (VoT, Assurance next generation, LoA beyond SP800-63)
    B Introduction to XDI (eXtensible Data Interchange)
    C What R+E Federation CANNOT Do for You
    D SAML/OIDC Metadata IOP || Dynamic Metadata Exchange (GNTB)
14:30 Session 4 A Universal 2nd factors (FIDO U2F Overview)
    C SAML AND/OR OIDC || Multi STakeholder Trust Building in OIDC "Federations"
15:30 Session 5 A Portal/Dashboard for dPs (end users?) - how should this look like?
    B Delivering LoA using SAML AA || LoA/Provenance on Attribute level - howtoin LDAP and SAML
    E All the cool kids are using JavaScript frameworks and ignoring SAML…


EWTI 2014 sessions Thursday: Topics and notes

Time Session Loc. Topic
9:30 Session 6 A Fed in fed: working with custom & community tags
    C Scalability, security, availability of services when your not Goolge/Amazon
    D How to provision users after SPML and SCIM
10:30 Session 7 A for OV + EV certificates
    C SAML/OIDC part II
    D something as a service id ID fed
11:30 Session 8  A Delegated users management in customer facing services
    B Using non-academic identities in R+E federations (STORK, UnitedID, ..)
    C OpenID Connect OSS development and Interop with SAML
Lunch either before or after your session 9 - your group decides
12:30 Session 9 A Automated testing
    D Effective change across federations: how do we evolve our IDPs/SPs and users?
14:00 Session 10 A To consent - or not to consent - info from the real world
    B Freedom box
    D Long-termo consistency & deprovisioning in SAML & OIDC
15:00 Session 11 A Pseudonymous attributes
    C Attribute discussion: enhanced LoA, provenance, source, validations, valid until, ..
    D Skype call wiht Kaliya about PDEC & NSTIC