European Workshop on Trust & Identity

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EWTI Agile Conference Format

Bring together a group of people, empower them to pursue their own needs, create just enough structure to ensure progress, and hit the Start button – that is the self-organized format that reflects the spirit of Agile.

In the practice of Agile Conference Format, participants gather together with only a stated “Theme” and a minimal framework. Their goal is to build the conference they want to attend: individuals propose sessions they’d like to lead, or sessions they’d like to see someone else step up and lead. Through the alchemy of self-organization, a schedule emerges, composed of sessions people feel passionate about pursuing.

The dynamic and highly productive Agile Conference Format brings into the foreground what is important for the participants. How much attention topics receive is driven by active participation. Results will be collected and published at the end as proceedings.

After the brief introduction on the first day, there are no sponsored presentations and no panels. We make the schedule when we are face-to-face the first day of the conference. The work that happens is mostly self-organized and self-responsible, with the exception of keynotes. This unleashes the great creativity and passion of the participants, while resulting in enthusiasm and mutual understanding.

This form of conference is particularly useful when the attendees generally have a high level of expertise in the field the conference convenes to discuss.

Most of the innovations throughout our history have rarely been the result of careful planning, but instead have emerged out of the free interaction of random elements in an unconstrained environment.