European Workshop on Trust & Identity

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The Scalable Identity Landscape


The identity landscape has never been as fractured as it is today. Not since the days of the 80s protocol wars have we seen a comparable set of competing technologies for doing one and the same thing: identify and establish trust in user identities.

I this short presentation I will present an overview of the current identity landscape focusing on the roles of interoperability and scalability as key to successfully choosing and deploying identity technology.

Keynote: The Identity Landscape


leif johanssonLeif Johansson is a system developer and architect working for NORDUNet and SUNET. His main focus is federated identity and NREN service development. Leif is the co-chair of the IETF ABFAB working group, a member of Internet2 MACE, Terena ECAM and sits on the Kantara Assurance and Interoperability Review Boards.