European Workshop on Trust & Identity

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Building interoperable global trust: bridging technology and policy divides


Extending trust amongst administrative domains quickly results in scalability challenge. Where a single organisation has managerial means to make for itself a risk assessment and then enforce measures to mitigate unacceptable risks, a distributed environment lacks such strong controls. Relations, be they contractual or based on consensus, can only alleviate concerns if all parties involved are clear in what assurance is provided, and relying parties can rest assured that they can build their risk assessment based on clearly identifiable standards. When building a trust infrastructure and PKI, the development of common baseline requirements has emerged as a scalable mechanism for global trust amongst large communities in both academia - in the form of the Interoperable Global Trust Federation IGTF - and beyond. In this talk we will explore the policy bridging model used by the IGTF, and how it compares to similar structures built for public trust and other implementation models like bridge PKIs based on policy mapping.

Keynote: Building Interoperable Global Trust


David Groep Nikhef 200
Dr. David Groep (male) is a senior scientific researcher at Nikhef and has worked on a wide range of IT and IT security activities. He is a member of the security coordination group in the EGI European e-Infrastructure where he is responsible for identity policy development, and in the AA for Research and Collaboration project leads the policy harmonization activities. He established the e-infrastructure identity management authority in the Netherlands, and since the founding in 2004 of the EUGridPMA he has been its Chair, and is current and founding chair of the Interoperable Global Trust Federation IGTF in October 2005. He also served as Area Director for security in the Open Grid Forum and is co-chair of the CAOPS working group. Dr. Groep is a member of the Dutch e-Infrastructure Executive Team. Dr. David Groep holds a PhD in physics.